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Guidelines for Abstracts
Please do not send the abstract form by regular mail if you are using Internet
Before submitting your abstract, prepare your text using the instructions hereunder

Click here for ABSTRACT FORM Your abstract should be submitted
no later than
15 JANUARY 2003 at
- Each abstract must be submitted in ENGLISH.
- Original scientific material is welcomed.
- Abstracts are peer reviewed and ranked by experts in the category (topics) selected; they are allocated to oral or poster sessions. Authors who do not wish to be considered for oral presentation must check the box "poster". However, please note, that the Scientific Committee will take final decision for the mode of presentation.
- Submission of an abstract implies the commitment that the presenting author will participate in the Eurogin 2003 and the expectation that financial resources to attend are available.
Instructions for preparing abstracts
Abstracts will be submitted via internet as attached files and should be saved in .rtf format.

Before going on the Net, you should first prepare your abstract form in respecting the following rules :
Type in 12 point font
Type a maximum of 2200 characters
The title must be written in UPPER CASE (capitals) and bold;
(make it brief, clearly indicating the nature of the investigation and
do not extend it over 2 lines).
Authors should be listed by the surname (family name) followed by initials
of the first name only (do not include full first names).
Give professional address for all the authors : name of hospital, unit or laboratory,
city andcountry in lower case. No other indications are to be given.
If different affiliations, please use numbers.
Do not indent spaces on the first line of each paragraph.
Abstracts should be typed singlespaced, with no space between paragraphs.
Use international standards for scientific articles.
Only standard abbreviations may be used without definition.
Data must be given in units widely used in literature.
Only essential references should be included and put in brackets
at the end of the abstract : numbers in the text may refer to them.
Drugs must be identified by their generic names.
Mention of an acknowledgement at the end of an abstract will not be accepted.

Abstract topics :
they are used to classify abstract for review. Select ONLY 1 topic that best characterizes your abstract in the corresponding section.

Your abstract should be submitted no later than 15 JANUARY 2003 at

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