WACC Forum 2010
(Women Against Cervical
February 17-18, 2010

- WACC Award (Women Against
   Cervical Cancer)

- DACC Award (Doctors Against
   Cervical Cancer)

17 février 2010

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  Enquiries and further

Should you have any questions,
please contact Laurence Douai:
Tradotel Riviera
14 avenue Marianna
F-06000 Nice - France

Phone: +33 (0)4 93 53 00 10
Fax: +33 (0)4 93 53 00 39



If you are a chairperson

Locate your session room as soon as possible. You must arrive in your session room 15 minutes before the beginning of the session. We remind you that:
  • The room must be cleared exactly in accordance with the program schedule.
  • Discussion time must comply with the allowed timing
  • Discussants should clearly state their name, institution and country
  • Participants should not speak without permission from the chairperson
  • Time allocated to presentations includes discussion

If you are a speaker

Locate your session room in due time.
Speakers are requested to hand in their slides at the preview room. Laptops are not allowed in the session room.

You should be in your session room 10 minutes before the beginning of the session and meet with the chairperson. Please comply strictly with the instructions given by the chairperson, especially with regard to your time allowance.

Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest

Speakers of EUROGIN 2010 are required to disclose their potential conflicts of interest. Consequently, a conflict of interest statement should be included on your first slide. There is no need to read it out in detail.
Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest

Presentation Requirements and Formats

Only files compatible with PCs can be accepted (no MAC, no UNIX). Please prepare your presentation using Power Point 2007 or prior versions, Open Office, PDF.

If you have video files attached to your power point presentation, these must be in one of the following formats:
.mpeg, .avi or wmv . We recommend to avoid the .mov (quicktime) format. Should you have .mov files, please export them to .avi format. When saving your final presentation to a CD or a USB memory stick, make sure you include your video files (if any) and all links to these multimedia files.

Please use only the common PC fonts (Arial, Times, ....) with your PowerPoint presentation and the Wingdings symbols for any special characters.
  • The Preview System supports presentations prepared with the following tools (latest versions):
    • MS Office
    • Adobe PDF
    • Open Office
    • Keynote

  • Presentations prepared on a Macintosh: these need to be converted to be compatible with the Preview System:
    • Allow enough time when you go to the Preview room as the conversion of the files may be lengthy.
    • We do not guarantee that after conversion of documents prepared with Keynote, the presentation will be completely identical, in particular for the animations

  • The Preview System supports the Standard Western Europe fonts. If the presentation contains special characters or need other fonts, they have to be provided by the Speaker in the Preview room.

  • Slides must be sized for an on-screen show of 4:3 and NOT 16:9.

  • The video files attached to the presentation must be located in the same folder as the presentation files.
Handing in your file
Your computer file must be handed in to the personnel in the preview room either as a CD, a ZIP (100 or 250 Mbyte) or on USB memory stick, as early as possible:

- in the morning for afternoon sessions
- the day before the presentation for sessions scheduled for the following morning

In any case, presentations must be handed in at the Preview Room two hours before the beginning of the session at the latest!. Sessions are tightly scheduled and strict compliance with the alloted time frame is essential.

Preview room / Speakers room

The slides preview room is located in the central foyer behind the Poster Area on level -2. The preview room is fully equipped for slide and computer projections. Qualified personnel is available for receiving the slides/files which will be checked before being forwarded to the projectionists at the appropirate time. Speakers will not have access to the projectionists, therefore they must hand in their slides to the preview room 2 hours before the beginning of their session at the latest. Slides for early morning sessions must be handed in on the previous day.

A speakers' room with a computer is also available next to the preview room for presenters who wish to carry out some last-minute work on their presentations.

Preview and Speakers rooms - Opening hours
Tuesday, Feb. 16:          3.00 pm 7.00 pm
Wednesday, Feb 17:     7:30 am 7.00 pm
Thursday, Feb 18:          7:00 am 7.00 pm
Friday, Feb 19:                7:00 am 7.00 pm
Saturday, Feb 20:           7:00 am 1.00 pm

Speakers will be able to check their presentations and, if needed, to make slight modifications.

A team is available in the preview room to assist the speakers with theses different steps.

The following mass storage devices are accepted:
  • USB memory stick
  • Laptop
No presentation can be directly downloaded on the conference room computer

In the Conference Room

The equipment in the conference room is exactly the same as in the preview room.
The files downloaded in the preview room are automatically backed up and transferred without any modification to the conference room.

A technician is available before and during the presentation in the conference room, to assist the speaker if required.
In the conference room, the following equipment is available:
  • 1 video projector
  • 1 computer with a mouse

Privacy of presentations

At the end of the congress, we systematically remove and delete ALL presentations and associated files.
We do not keep or transfer files to third parties unless requested and authorised by the author or a member of the organization committee.

Poster presentations

All posters are displayed in the central foyer (level -2).
Only one board side will be allocated to each participant. Authors are requested to ensure installation and removal of their posters on the designated boards, in accordance with the following time schedule:
Installation: Tuesday, Feb. 16, from 4 pm to 6.30 pm / Wednesday Feb.. 17, from 8 am to 9.30 am
Dismantling: Saturday, Feb. 20, from 1 pm to 4 pm
Fixing devices can be obtained from the General Welcome desk.
Poster boards are numbered according to the program.
The Organising Committee declines liability for any loss or damage incurred to posters left on their board beyond the indicated time.
Authors are requested to stay close to their poster during the breaks (coffee and lunchtime breaks).

Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest
Poster presenters of EUROGIN 2010 are required to disclose their potential conflicts of interest.
Consequently, a conflict of interest statement should be included on the poster.