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Logistics and Registration

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Phone: +35 1 213 24 50 40
Fax: +35 1 213 24 50 50

For group registrations, please
contact the Eurogin office.

Others questions:

Please contact:
Peter Mattonet
Phone: +33-1 48 88 96 24
or +33-1 .44 40 01 20
on Tuesdays 14.30 - 18.30
or Thursdays 9.30 - 18.30
(Paris time)

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Purpose of the Conference

The meeting aims at developing a full review of current scientific developments in the field of cervical cancer control and beyond, including vulvar, anal and head & neck HPV associated diseases. The event will highlight recent advances, and provide a forum for exchanging information on early detection, new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and prevention strategies including screening and HPV vaccination.

The purpose of the conference is not only to highlight new developments, but also to widen the discussion beyond the purely medical aspects and to address public education issues.

Main Objectives of Sessions
  • Review the burden and epidemiology of HPV associated diseases in lower genital tract, anus and head&neck
  • Understanding the role of molecular testing in primary screening and prevention and their application in routine practice
  • A review of recent developments in HPV infection, cancer prevention and control, including vulvar, anal and head & neck HPV induced diseases.
  • Integrate the use of HPV prophylactic vaccines into clinical practice.
  • Understanding the impact and cost-effectiveness of HPV prophylactic vaccines on public health
  • Enhancing knowledge and updating scientific insights in the HPV risk management and testing
  • Implementation of guidelines for cervical disease; screening and management of cervical abnormalities.
  • Uses of HPV DNA and mRNA testing in clinical practice in a rational and cost-effective way.
  • Review different tools and techniques available in the field of HPV infection diagnosis and adapt the most appropriate strategies for patients.
  • Anticipate trends in biomarkers and genotyping for diagnosis and prevention.
  • Compare worldwide experience in the field of screening and prevention of cervical disease, including developed and developing countries.
  • Apply skills to enable the improvement, expansion, and use of scientific data for decision making
  • Determine the public health role of physicians in HPV associated cancer control: prevention through training, early detection, treatment and quality of life.
  • Identify existing strategies and explore innovative community interventions for HPV associated cancer screening outreach, future management and public education.
  • Provide a learning environment for clinicians entering the field of cancer prevention and control where they can interact informally with all the leaders in this area.

Program Structure of the Conference

The EUROGIN 2011 meeting will comprise the following types of sessions:  

  1. Training Course
    The training course is designed to provide the most updated educational strategies and experience on HPV infection and associated diseases in the lower genital tract and beyond. The topics covered range from the fundamentals to emerging issues and the clinical use of prophylactic HPV vaccines.
    Speakers will present only accepted evidence-based scientific information that has been published in the peer-reviewed medical literature.

  2. Plenary Sessions
    These include keynote lectures giving a broad overview of the essential issues of fundamentals, HPV diseases (broad picture), cancer screening and prevention by the most prominent experts in their respective field.

  3. Scientific Sessions
    These concurrent sessions feature presentations of selected abstracts on new findings covering a broad range of topics related to genital cancer prevention and management of patients with HPV-associated diseases.

  4. Clinical Sessions
    The clinical sessions are designed to provide educational strategies and skill-building learning experiences and update of expertise for participants. The clinical sessions should enable participants to integrate in their everyday practice the basic and advanced principles of colposcopy as well as diagnosis and management of cervico-vaginal, vulvar diseases, anal and head & neck HPV diseases.

  5. Debate Time
    Based on feedback from previous meetings, the idea consists of including more time for debate on controversial topics. This could be organized either as separate sessions (debate sessions) be included in plenary and scientific sessions.

  6. Free Communications
    The organizing committee welcomes the presentation of proferred papers, with preference being given to original papers on unpublished findings of broad interest. Abstracts presented must comply with the conditions which will be set out in the "Abstract Submission Conditions" which will soon be posted on the EUROGIN website. The abstract submission deadline is January 7, 2011. Submitted papers will be reviewed by the scientific committee.

  7. Poster Presentations
    Selected submitted papers will be on displayed as posters to be viewed by all congress delegates.

Abstract Topics

For review purposes, abstracts are classified according to the following list. Select only 1 topic that best characterizes your abstract:

1.     Viral and molecular biology
2.     Epidemiology and natural history
3.     Pathogenesis
4.     Immunology
5.     HPV prophylactic vaccines: clinical aspects
6.     HPV prophylactic vaccines: basic science
7.     HPV therapeutic vaccines
8.     HPV testing
9.     Genotyping
10.   Molecular markers
11.   Screening methods
12.   Liquid based cytology
13.   Automation in cytology
14.   New technologies
15.   Diagnostic procedures
16.   Colposcopy
17.   Cervical neoplasia
18.   Vaginal neoplasia
19.   Vulvar diseases and neoplasia
20.   Anal neoplasia
21.   Penile HPV diseases
22.   Oropharynx / Head and neck
23.   Genital warts
24.   Sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infection
25.   Conventional therapies
26.   New treatments - Immunotherapy
27.   New drugs
28.   Economics and modelling
29.  Advocacy, acceptability and psychology
30.   Health education
31.   Low resource settings

General Time Structure

The EUROGIN 2011 congress will extend over 4 days:

Day 1 (May 8):

  • Training Course
  • Free Communications
  • WACC (Women Against Cervical Cancer) Forum.
  • Poster Presentations

Day 2 (May 9):

  • WACC (Women Against Cervical Cancer) Forum.
  • Plenary Sessions
  • Scientific Sessions
  • Clinical sessions
  • Poster Presentations

Day 3 (May 10):

  • Plenary Sessions
  • Scientific Sessions
  • Clinical Sessions
  • Poster Presentations

Day 4 (May 11):

  • Scientific Sessions
  • Clinical Sessions
  • Free Communications
  • Poster Presentations
Satellite Symposia

Symposia set up by industrial partners will be held every day to offer additional information on recent scientific findings on their products and their value for clinical practice.

Target Audience

The event is expected to gather more 2,000 professionals from all over the world, including clinicians, gynecologists, dermatologists, gastroenterologists, otorhinolaryngologists, epidemiologists, virologists, cytopathologists, oncologists, health communication specialists, healthcare decision makers, governmental and non-governmental institutions. EUROGIN is the largest forum worldwide for clinicians interested in cervical cancer control and HPV-associated diseases.

Conference Venue

The EUROGIN 2011 congress will be held in Lisboa, Portugal, at the Lisboa Congress Centre

Lisboa Congress Centre
Praça das Indústrias
1300-307 Lisboa

Lisboa International Airport – 30 minutes by taxi or shuttle bus.

Registration Fees

The registration fees are as follows:

(in Euros, €) Standard

Students, Residents
Developing Countries

Group Rate
(Minimum 20 persons)
Early registration
Before December 15, 2010
590 euros 390 euros On request -
please contact the EUROGIN office
Advance registration
Before March 28, 2011
700 euros 440 euros
On-site registration
From March 28, 2011.
780 euros 520 euros

The registration fee includes:

  • Training Course on May 8, 2011
  • Access to all sessions of the meeting
  • Welcome Cocktail
  • Coffee breaks
  • Free public transport in Lisbon (for registrations received before April 15, 2011)

Cancellation policy

Cancellation before March 31, 2011: refund 50 %
Cancellation after March 31, 2011: no refund.
Replacement before March 31, 2011: free of charge.
Replacements after March 31, 2011 are considered as a new registration and subject to payment of the full registration fee at the on-site rate.


The conference organizers have blocked a substantial number of rooms at preferential rates for conference participants (3, 4 and 5 star hotels).

Detailed information and online hotel reservation

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