EUROGIN homepage       Saturday, November 25, 2017

Central and Eastern Europe

8.00 - 11.00 WS1 – Workshop– Cervical cancer & human papillomavirus – Eastern European countries experience
Coordination: G. Lazdane
  • Overview: current situation in Eastern European countries

  G. Lazdane Denmark
  • Current status of cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination implementation in Slovenia

  M. Poljak Slovenia
  • Cervical cancer in Slovak Republic: an overview on actual situation in incidence, mortality, screening and vaccination

  P. Zubor Slovakia
  • Primary and secondary prevention of cervical cancer in Poland. The proposal of new diagnostic methods

  W. Rokita Poland
  • The epidemiology of the cervical cancer and HPV infections in Poland

  E. Nowak-Markwitz Poland
  • The Polish Coalition Against Cervical Cancer, what worked?

  R. Poreba Poland
  • HPV prevention and cervical cancer control in Bulgaria – current recommendations and perspectives

  M. Kojouharova Bulgaria
  • Cervical cancer screening program in Latvia

  I. Viberga Latvia
  • Cervical cancer prevention in the Czech Republic – how to start just in time

  J. Bogdanova Czech Republic
  • Concentration of selected biochemical parameters in blood of pregnant women infected by HPV 16 and 18

  A. Karowicz Poland