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Colposcopy Course



at EUROGIN 2013 - Florence - WEDNESDAY 6th November2013
(separate registration required – 100 €)

Palazzo dei Congressi, Room "Onice"

This is a 6 hour intensive course conducted by 2 highly experienced colposcopists/oncologists. They will present the most up-to-date knowledge relating to colposcopy practice as well as of the management of the cervix and lower genital tract precancer. There will be lectures as well as a very informal interactive tutorial which will be clinically oriented. Topics will range from the basic (i.e. normal cervix) to advanced (i.e. micro-invasion and glandular disease). A CD (PDF format) of all PowerPoint lectures will be given out.

Coordinators: Prof. A. Singer (UK)
  Dr Narendra Pisal (UK)

9:30 Registration
10:00 The normal Cervix: a prerequisite to understanding
the abnormal cervix             
A. Singer
10:25How do we diagnose cervical precancer:
pathology, HPV and biomarkers
A. Singer
11:00Questions and discussion  
11:10 Coffee  
11:20The abnormal cervix: colposcopy and methods
of examination and video case presentations
A. Singer and
N. Pisal
12:30 Micro-invasive cancer and glandular disease: management N. Pisal
12:55 Treatment of cervical precancer: who, why and how. N. Pisal
13:35Coffee and cake  
13:45Interactive case presentations: cytology,
colposcopy, pathology and treatment
A. Singer and
N. Pisal
15:00Summary and Close