EUROGIN homepage       Thursday, November 23, 2017

Visa Information


Depending on your country of citizenship, you may need a visa to enter Italy. While visas are not always required to visit Italy for short periods, visitors from some countries are required to get a visa before traveling to Italy. In addition, most citizens of countries outside the European Union are required to have a visa if visiting Italy for longer than 90 days or planning to work in Italy. Even if you don't need a visa, you will need a valid passport. Since visa requirements may change, it is always advisable to check for updated information before you travel.

To find out if you need a visa go to the web site provided by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Do You Need a Visa?. There you will select your nationality and country of residence, how long you plan to stay (up to 90 days or more than 90 days), and the reason for your visit. If you plan to travel as a tourist, select tourism. Click confirm. You will be taken to a page that tells you what is required with links for the necessary forms, where to apply, and the cost.