Prospects for Immunotherapy in HPV associated Cancer

Educational Session (ES)

Wednesday, June 15, 10.30 – 12.15

Chair: Peter Stern

Four integrated lectures will introduce and explain the importance of immune surveillance in HPV infection and the cutting edge research driving the use of so called checkpoint inhibitors or adoptive cellular transfer or vaccine therapeutic approaches which are beginning to impact on the treatment of different types of cancer. The goal is to provide a session which educates the audience about approaches which are likely to lead to a paradigm shift in the way we approach the therapy of HPV associated disease.

1) Understanding immune surveillance in cancer

Professor Peter L Stern

Institute of Cancer Sciences
University of Manchester

2) The importance of inflammatory immune responses in HPV-induced carcinogenesis

Dr. Sigrun Smola

Institut für Virologie
Universitätsklinikum des Saarlandes

3) Exploiting cell mediated Immunity for cancer therapy

Dr David Gilham

Clinical and Experimental Immunotherapy Group
Institute of Cancer Sciences
Manchester Cancer Research Centre
University of Manchester

4) Progress in therapeutic cancer vaccination

Cornelia L. Trimble, M.D.

Gyn/Ob, Oncology, and Pathology
Johns Hopkins Hospital






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