Colposcopy Course

Wednesday, June 15

Chair: A. Singer

This will be the ninth EUROGIN colposcopy course and will be conducted by Professor Albert Singer of the University of London and Mr Ashfaq Khan of the Whittington Hospital in London. They are both experienced gynaecologists and colposcopists. The course will cover the important aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of cervical precancer be it squamous or glandular.

There will be power point and video presentations, the former given at the end of the course on a PDF disc to students.Topics will cover the basics of the colposcopic examination to the role of HPV testing and biomarkers. A large section will deal with methods of treatment and its complications. There will be time for informal discussion.

Current role of HPV testing in Cervical screening

Discussion points: HPV in triaging ASCUS and LSIL

HPV test of Cure
HPV test as screening tool

Duration: 30 min

Principles of colposcopy examination

Discussion : how to perform colposcopy

Role of acetic acid , iodine , green , filter
Metaplastic change
Transformation zone

Duration : 30 minutes

Colposcopy of abnormal cervix

Discussion point : Dysplastic changes

Glandular changes
Changes related to Micro invasion

Duration : 30 minutes 

HPV biomarkers: how can they help a colposcopist

Discussion point : role of surrogate markers in the management of CIN2

Persistent LSIL and in ASCUS-H

Duration : 30 minutes 

Treatment of CIN : Why , When and How ?

Discussion point : Ablative treatment

Excisional treatment

Duration : 35 minutes 

Complications of treatment

Duration : 25 minutes


EUROGIN (EUropean Research Organisation on Genital Infection and Neoplasia) brings together clinicians and scientists whose work is related to genital infections and neoplasia.