Maurice Hilleman Award

The International Papillomavirus Society and Eurogin are pleased to announce the winner of the Maurice Hilleman Award:

Prof. Lutz Gissmann
(see short biography below)

He receives the award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the development and/or implementation of HPV vaccines.

The honoree will receive the award and deliver a keynote lecture at the EUROGIN 2016 Opening Ceremony which will be held in the congress center Salzburg on June 15, 2016, at 19.30, followed by a concert and a welcome reception.

This award honors the memory of Maurice Hilleman, PhD, one of the most productive vaccinologists in history. Of the 14 vaccines routinely recommended in current vaccine schedules, he developed eight, including measles, mumps, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, chickenpox, meningitis, pneumonia and Haemophilus influenzae bacteria.

Funding for this award is provided by Merck and Company through a grant to the International Papillomavirus Society.


Lutz Gissmann
Prof. Lutz Gissmann is a German virologist who was head of the Division “Genome Modifications and Carcinogenesis” at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, Germany, until his retirement in 2015. With over 200 publications, his career was devoted to immunity and HPV vaccines. He has been in the field since 1977 with a first publication on human papilloma viruses (HPV): characterization of four different isolates. Virology. 1977 Feb;76(2):569-80, together with Pfister H, and Zur Hausen H.
He described the sequence of HPV 6 in 1980. After some years working on sequencing other HPV types he described the HPV type complexity. He further worked exploring the pathway of HPV induced carcinogenesis and more recently on vaccine development. He has been exploring new vaccine alternatives including therapeutic ones. Lutz Gissmann has been lecturing about virology, immunology and about human response to vaccines, always in a brilliant and elegant manner converting the difficulties into something comprehensive. His quiet personality and deep scientific mind are characteristics that one cannot forget when working with him. After having retired, he receives the recognition he deserves with the Maurice Hilleman Award 2016.


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