Program Topics


  • Cervical cancer screening in immunized populations
  • Self-sampling: operational experiences under HPV self-sampling in an organized cervical cancer screening program
  • From cytology to HPV based screening: Operational experiences from transforming screening programs in Northern Europe: lessons learned
  • Triage markers for HPV-positive women: long term performance
  • The new face of cytology in HPV screening and immunization era
  • Mechanisms by which HPV screening prevents invasive cancer
  • How to stay innovative in cervical cancer screening programs


  • Eliminating HPV-related diseases: lessons learned from immunization of other infectious diseases
  • HPV vaccine efficacy against invasive cancer
  • Towards 1 dose HPV vaccination: evolving perspectives
  • Update on HPV vaccine safety
  • Impact of HPV vaccine on cancer outcomes, how soon?
  • Vaccine hesitancy
  • Therapeutic vaccines in development


  • Commercially available tests (screening, triage and follow-up) for clinical use
  • Next generation of HPV tests


  • Molecular signatures of precancerous lesions: Changing paradigm of early detection.
  • Revisiting the objectives: risk markers for cervical cancers


  • HPV infection and induced cancers: worldwide sentinel observatory country: impact of HPV vaccine over the last decade
  • Changing minds about HPV latency
  • HPV beyond the scope: other sites
  • Cervical cancers in central Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Marginalised and excluded populations
  • The value of HPV genotypes: not all high risk HPV genotypes are at equal risk
  • HPV infection and related cancers in men: rapid changes in awareness and management


  • HPV 6-11: Low risk HPV infection and disease - Anogenital versus Oral
  • Microbiome analysis: are we ready for clinical use?
  • Rising knowledge on adenocarcinoma in the era of HPV screening
  • High grade VIN: differentiation VIN clinical, molecular, virological and therapeutic differences
  • Reproductive morbidity after treatment for CIN
  • Challenging clinical topics
  • From anal HPV infection to anal cancer: focusing on high risk populations
  • Cervical cancer in elderly women


  • Communication on sexually transmitted HPV: what should the clinician and patient know?
  • Community groups initiatives


EUROGIN (EUropean Research Organisation on Genital Infection and Neoplasia) brings together clinicians and scientists whose work is related to genital infections and neoplasia.