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  E-learning author's contribution
Chairman: J. Monsonego (France)
Authors: Marc Arbyn (Belgium), Javier Cortes (Spain), Federico Martinon-Torres (Spain), Mario Sideri (Italy), Jennifer Smith (USA), Kari Syrjänen (Finland)

Course content
The main topics covered are:
• Epidemiology, risk, transmission and pathogenesis of HPV and related cancers and diseases
• Public health impact of common HPV-related diseases
• Common HPV types associated with cancers and diseases
• Critical success factors for HPV disease prevention including organized screening and vaccination programs

For optimal protection against cervical cancer, the new standard of care, which combines the synergistic action of HPV vaccination in young girls and an efficient screening programme in adult women, is mandatory, and both vaccinated and unvaccinated women must participate in cervical cancer screening.
This simple, rapid and validated e-learning course provides general practitioners and specialists with the knowledge to easily implement procedures which will assist in the prevention of cervical cancer and HPV-related diseases. We hope that you will take full advantage of it and will find an interest in this stimulating project to improve knowledge and practice in an entertaining way.
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Joseph Monsonego M.D.
EUROGIN President

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