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   The END of a CANCER?
  The hopes vested in vaccination against papillomavirus
  What is papillomavirus or HPV?
Thi virus, which affects the mucous membranes of the cervix and the genital organs, sometimes causes lesions which can degenerate into cancer. The infection generally occurs during early sexual activity and the majority of women develop antibodies to the virus naturally. Thanks to screening, this fatal disease has been transformed into a rare pathology.

Topics : cervical cancer, papillomavirus, HPV virus
Auteur : J. Monsonego, Edition : ESKA Publishing, Publication: oct. 2007, Price: EUR 20, ISBN 9782747213455
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   Emerging Issues on HPV Infections (Human Papilloma Virus)
  From Science to Practice
  What is papillomavirus or HPV?
Despite the substantial efforts made to prevent the disease by early detection, cervical cancer remains a leading cause of mortality among women worldwide. The EUropean Research Organization on Genital Infection and Neoplasia (EUROGIN) pursues a wide variety of educatioal and training activities, aiming to spread accurate and state-of-the-art information in the field of cervical cancer prevention.

Topics : HPV infections, cervical cancer prevention, papillomavirus
Editor: J. Monsonego, Publication: April 2006, Price: EUR 133 / USD 169.25, ISBN 3-8055-8120-3

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The author’s fees from the sale of this book will be entirely used for “1000 femmes 1000 vies”, a French association for the prevention of cervical cancer.

   Eurogin News Letter Supplement Management of Anogenital Warts:
   an Update
  HPV types 6 and 11 are responsible for one of the most frequently observed sexually transmitted viral diseases which constitute a risk marker for ano-genital cancer and for cervical cancer in particular. Nevertheless, conventio-nal treatment of these lesions is unsatisfactory. This review covers in detail the different aspects of the natu-ral history and diagnosis and modern treatment of exter-nal genital warts, the emotional impact of the disease and provides a brief synopsis of the currently favoured immu-ne and antiviral therapies.

Topics :cervical cancer infection, papillomavirus; HPV disease,
Authors: A. Ferenczy, S. Jablonska, S. Majewski, R. Maw, J. Monsonego, S. Tyring, G. von Krogh Eurogin Scientific Publications - April 2000

Short version: 32 pages, ISBN 2-9509527-4-7, Price: FF200; Euros 31
Long version: ISBN 2-9509527-4-7, Price: FF300

   New Developments in Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention
  This book reviews the latest developments in the epidemiology, natural history and screening of cervical cancer. It also deals with the management of cervical cancer, the development of vaccines against HPV, and new technologies such as automated screening, HPV testing and adjuvant tests to cytology. This book lists the guidelines developed by the worldwide experts on cervical cancer meeting in Geneva in 1996 under the auspices of WHO and EUROGIN.

Topics : HPV vaccines, HPV testing, cervical cancer screening, papillomavirus
Editors E Franco & J Monsonego
Publisher: Blackwell Science, 1997 488 pages;
ISBN 0-632-04765-8

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Tel: +44 1865 206233 Fax: +44 1865 206026

   Papillomavirus in Human Pathology (HPV)
  The ninth instalment in the Ares-Serono Symposia å Challenges of Modern Medicine¼ series, this volume is the Proceedings of the 2nd International Congress on Papillomavirus in Human Pathology. Sections include New Findings, Pathogenesis, Epidemiology and Screening, Diagnosis and Management of Cervical Neoplasia, Adenocarcinoma in situ of the Cervix, Vulvar Neoplasias and Vaccines, among others.

Topics : human papillomavirus, hpv virus, cervical neoplasia
Editor J Monsonego
Publisher: Ares-Serono Symposia Publications, 1995 551 pages;
ISBN 88-85974-20-1
Price: FF200 EUROGIN members FF250 non-members

   Papillomavirus in Human Pathology (HPV):
  Recent Progress in Epidermoid Precancers
  Topics : human papillomavirus, hpv virus
Editor J Monsonego
Publisher: Raven Press, 1990 531 pages
FF200 EUROGIN members
FF250 non-members.

   MONOGRAPHS CME Journal of Gynecologic Oncology
  "Management of Abnormal Smears. Update And State of the Art"
  Current review of the global management of abnormal smears including conventional and new scrcening methods, HPV testing, liquid-based cytology, colposcopy and optimal treatment and follow-up of patients presen-ting pre-cancerous lesions and early invasive cervical cancer. Also includes a section on patient-counseling.

Topics : hpv infection, hpv testing, cervical cancer
Primed X Press, April 2000
Authors: J. Monsonego, J. Patnick, R Syrjänen, M.C. Vacher-Lavenu, M. Hutchinson, C. Meijer, L. Rozendaal, R.M. Verheijen, J. Walboomers, M. Coppleson, K. Canfell, V. Skladnev, A. Singer, K.L. Liaw, M. Schiffman, J. Cope, A. Glass, M. Manos, M. Sherman, R. Burk, A. Hildesheim, A. Lorincz, E. Diakamanolis, G. De Palo, H. Kitchener, J.C. Boulanger, C. Vergne, T. Freeman-Wang, P. Walher, S. Dexeus, M. Cararach, J. Surls, I. Etherington, D.M. Luesley, J. Monagban, W. Prendiville 92 pages;
ISSN 1219 9087
Price: FF300; Euros 46

   Cervical Cancer Control: General Statements and Guidelines
  This publication details the general statements and guidelines on the control of cervical cancer that were developed as a result of a joint EUROGIN-WHO meeting in Geneva in 1996.

Topics : cervical cancer statements and guidelines
Editors J Monsonego & E Franco
Publisher: EUROGIN Scientific Publications, 1997 34 pages;
ISBN 2-9509527-3-9
Price: FF160 EUROGIN members FF200 non-members

   Screening of Cervical Cancer - For Whom, Why and How?
  This monograph presents the outcomes of the Experts¼ Consensus Conference which took place during the 2nd International Congress on Papillomavirus at UNESCO, Paris on 7 April 1994. The programme covers the epidemiology and natural history of cervical neoplasia and the implications within a screening policy (English and French versions)

Topics :cervical cancer screening, papillomavirus congress
Editor J Monsonego
Publisher: EUROGIN Scientific Publications, 1995 65 pages;
ISBN 2-9509527-0-4
Price: FF160 EUROGIN members FF250 non-members

   Report of Pre-Congress Seminar on the Organisation of Cervical
   Screening Programmes
  The objective of the seminar which preceeded the EUROGIN 3rd International Congress, held in Paris on 24-27 March 1997, was to inform participants about the latest position on the organization of cervical screening programmes. The focus of the course was on Europe, but countries all over the world were represented amongst the participants. The seminar was designed as an interactive event to enable experience and expertise to be shared, and to build a network amongst those who are active and enthusiastic about cervical screening.

Topics :cervical cancer screening, papillomavirus
Editor J. Patnick
Publisher: EUROGIN Scientific Publications, 1998 39 pages;
ISBN 2-9509527-5-5
Price: FF160 EUROGIN members FF200 non-members


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