EUROGIN 2004 International Expert Meeting
HPV Infection and Cervical Cancer Prevention
Priorities and New Directions
The Physician, the Patient and Public Health Issues
October 21-23, 2004,
Boscolo Plaza Hotel, 12 avenue de Verdun - Nice, France

Purpose of the conference
This expert meeting aims at developing comprehensive approaches to cervical cancer control, highlighting further medical advances made and exchanging high level information at a specialist level with regard to early detection, new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, including the topic of HPV vaccination, set up recommendations for clinical practice, identify directions for research, and enlarge the discussion beyond the purely medical and scientific aspects.

Main objectives of sessions
- Gathering international leading experts to review recent developments in HPV infection and cervical cancer prevention and control.
- Compare worldwide experiences in developed and developing countries.
- Apply skills to enable the improvement, expansion, and use of scientific data for decision making.
- Determine the public health role of physicians in cervical cancer control: prevention through training, early detection, treatment and quality of life.
- Develop and apply strategies for establishing new partnerships and strengthening existing ones.
- Identify existing strategies and explore innovative community interventions for cervical cancer screening outreach and public education.
- Identify evaluation strategies for assessing comprehensive cervical cancer control initiatives.
- Identify strategies to increase and improve public health involvement in developing a comprehensive approach to cervical cancer control.
- Analyze the impact and determine applications of new technologies and therapeutic innovation and vaccines for clinical practice in the near future, including the following aspects:
- feasibility and limits,
- health economics,
- education, information,
- competitiveness of industrial actors.

Structure of the conference
The meeting will be structured over 4 half-days, each half-day starting with a 2 h plenary session, followed by two or three simultaneous 1 h workshops (“Tools and Solutions”), each workshop followed by a 30 minute discussion group.
In addition, there are four sessions for presentations of original research papers.

Target audience
This event gathers leading professionals from across the world: expert physicians, epidemiologists, virologists, cytopathologists, oncologists, health communication specialists, evaluation specialists, health economists and health care decision makers.

The 2004 international Eurogin Expert Meeting is a unique opportunity to meet your colleagues and peers to discuss the most important matters facing their practice in cervical cancer control.
It is an exclusive, executive level networking event with access restricted to experts and institutions. Current topics will be presented for group discussion in a workshop format to share information, experience and advice, and to set up strategies to cope with the challenges of cervical cancer control

The registration fee for the meeting is 480 euros before April 30, 2004,
and 580 Euros after April 30.
This includes:
- Access to all sessions of the meeting,
- Lunch on Friday, October 22,
- 4 coffee breaks,
- Programme and presentation handouts.

Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer (please enclose copy of transfer note, transfer costs are at sender's charge).
The number of participants is limited to 150. Registrations will be processed on a first-come first-served basis.


The BOSCOLO PLAZA Hotel (venue of the conference) is now fully booked.
However, you can still find hotel rooms in Nice, by making your reservation directly on the website of the Nice Tourist Office:

Please click on "English" (or other preferred language), then / Your stay / Reserve your accommodation online.
There you will see a map with a grid. The conference venue is located close to "Place Massena", which corresponds to square "E4" on the grid.
Click on square E4 to find a hotel located within walking distance from the conference, or any other square next to this (D4, E5, F4, F5).
We are looking forward to welcome you for the Eurogin conference on the beautiful French Riviera.