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EUROGIN 2024 Testimonials

The perfect event to share HPV research with a qualified audience!

The best thing about EUROGIN was the opportunity to network and meet thought leaders in the space of HPV associated cancers. I particularly enjoyed the focus on under screened and never screened populations and addressing barriers to cervical screening. It was very important to hear from resource poor countries as well as discussing cohorts of women who live in high income countries but still face unsurmountable barriers to accessing screening.

The pro/con debates embedded within the scientific sessions were particularly engaging. It was important to hear arguments on both sides of emerging issues facing the head and neck field. The head and neck sessions were incredible. The meeting had engaging discussions following presentations of critical topics and impactful networking opportunities embedded in the program. The scientific sessions covered a range of important topics with key experts from both the US and Europe leading the talks on the hottest topics in head and neck cancer research.

The update in all areas of HPV-related diseases and the attendance of great scientists in the field

Excellent presentation of results from different studies from all over the world!! Promising results on the attempt to eliminate HPV and cancer!! Very well organized !! Well done Eurogin 2024!!

The access to the latest scientific research is absolutely amazing.

Love the camaraderie and cross pollination between specialities.

The scientific program was terrific, with a diverse range of speakers and cutting edge topics.

EUROGIN is a forum with great diversification of subjects

I like the diverse topics for a diverse audience at EUROGIN. It touches on prevention, early detection, treatment and public health. An event to put a puzzle together.

I really enjoyed the debate session, it allowed me to have a better understanding of current issues/ topics in the HPV world.

I could meet people from across the globe and get updated with events and research happening across the world and networking to produce the best multidisciplinary research projects.

Having all the biggest names in HPV at the same conference, presented their latest, often unpublished work, was just a fantastic experience. You cannot get this anywhere else.

Good scientific program and good speakers.

The networking possibilities at EUROGIN were endless, it is very easy to connect with scientific and clinical experts, discussing innovations and challenges. Good value for money!

It covers areas I am interested in extensively, namely genotyping, self-sampling, triaging strategies and validation.

The huge amount of interesting sessions and speakers.

Unique experience intermingling with other researchers from different disciplines was excellent.

I enjoyed the type of research presented and the many sessions to choose from.

Meeting experts and colleagues from all over the world is great.

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