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Instructions for Speakers

If you are a chairperson

Locate your session room as soon as possible. You should arrive in your session room 10 minutes before the beginning of the session.

We remind you that:

  • The conference room must be cleared exactly in accordance with the schedule
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that times allocated to speakers and for discussion must be strictly complied with
  • Discussants should clearly state their name, institution and country
  • Participants should not speak without permission from the chairperson

Time allocated to presentations includes discussion

If you are a speaker

Locate your session room in due time. Speakers are requested to hand in their slides at the Preview Room 2 hours before the beginning of their session (to the previous day for early morning sessions). Laptops are not allowed in the conference room. You should be in your session room 10 minutes before the beginning of the session and meet with the chairperson. Please comply strictly with the instructions given by the chairperson, especially with regard to your time allowance.

Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest

All speakers of EUROGIN 2024 are required to disclose their potential conflicts of interest. Consequently, a conflict of interest statement should be included on your first slide. There is no need to read it out in detail. The technicians in the preview room have a slide ready to be completed and to be inserted if you haven’t prepared this before.

Presentation requirements and formats

All presentations will be transferred automatically to the correct meeting room. You will easily find your presentation on the lectern in the conference room, according to the scheduled session, date, hour and speaker name. With the laptop on the lectern, you will be able to control your presentation.

  1. Videos and pictures must be integrated in the PowerPoint presentation.
    The videos included in the presentation shall have the following extensions: .avi, .mov, .wmv.
  2. JPG, GIF, BMP compressed images are the preferred file format for inserted images (other types of extensions will be accepted as well, provided that they are recognized by MS Powerpoint 2019).
  3. Use Microsoft Windows 10 default system font. Otherwise please provide font package for later install.
  4. Please use Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 (*.pptx), to guarantee your presentation will open successfully on an on-site PC. Save your presentation with the extension “.pptx”.
  5. For MAC-Users: Export your Keynote presentation to PowerPoint for Mac, export your keynote presentation to movie (iMovie, QuickTime video with “Playback Uses” settings) or export it .PDF. Be aware of the need to edit/reformat the presentation - fonts, images and charts – especially when exporting to PowerPoint for Mac. For embedded movies please use the possibility of “Quicktime” to save the movie in “*.mpeg 1(2)”, or “*.avi” format. Please try out the proper functionality of your presentation as soon as possible in the Preview Room (Slide Center).
  6. Presentations must be designed in 16:9 format
  7. Presentations using Prezi have to be delivered at least 3 hours before the session and should be delivered in portable format. For more details, please follow the link
  8. Supported data media for downloading presentations are: HDD and USB-Memory (Stick).
  9. Adherence to Guidelines: all speakers whose presentations do not comply with these guidelines are kindly requested to contact the Preview Room (Slide Center) as soon as possible.


No presentation can be opened directly from the speaker's own computer!

Only presentations previously uploaded in the Preview Room (Slide Center) can be opened in the conference room
(with the computer on the lectern)!

Preview Room (Slide Center)

The Preview Room (Slide Center) is located in Room 31, on level 3, below the Exhibition Area (Level 4). The Preview Room is fully equipped. Qualified personnel is available for receiving your slides/files which will be checked before being forwarded to the room at the appropriate time. Speakers must hand in their slides in the Preview Room 90 minutes before the beginning of their session at the latest. Slides for early morning sessions must be handed in on the previous day.

Preview room opening hours

March 12
15.00 - 18.30

March 13
7.30 - 19.00

March 14
7.30 - 19.00

March 15
7.30 - 19.00

March 16
7.30 - 13.00

Speakers will be able to check their presentations and, if needed, to make slight modifications.

The following mass storage devices are accepted:

  • USB memory stick
  • External hard drive
  • Laptop

Conflict(s) of interest statements

Every speaker needs to declare his/her potential conflicts of interest.

Speakers who have not yet submitted their potential conflict of interest on the dedicated form which was sent to them prior to the conference must complete and sign this form in the preview room before handing in their files.

In the Conference Room

The equipment in the conference room is exactly the same as in the preview room.

The files downloaded in the preview room are automatically backed up and transferred without any modification to the conference room. You will find your presentation, classified on your session:

In the conference room, the following equipment is available:

  • 1 video projector
  • Laptop on the lectern
  • You can open your presentation and move slides on your own using the mouse of the laptop (keyboard).
    This system is the same as in the preview room
  • Speakers with presentations which might not comply with these guidelines are kindly requested to contact the preview room as soon as possible

Privacy of presentations

We do not keep or transfer files to third parties unless requested and authorised by the author or a member of the organization committee.